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Aquabirths – changing the culture of birth

Midwife-led design

Aquabirths ~ Our ethos is to help every woman have a good birth by designing and making birthing pools that are beautiful to look at, robust and easy to use, with sound plumbing designed in, at an affordable price.

We love what we do, and we hope it shows.

Aquabirths & Health Services

Heart-Shaped Birth Bath by AquabirthsWe are a vertically integrated company and can provide a service covering all stages of bath design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning.  This is why we can keep our prices at sensible levels so hospitals can get the best return on their investment.  Only Aquabirths  can tailor all our baths or make bespoke baths for about the same cost.

At Aquabirths we manufacture our pools in the North of England.  All our baths are designed from the plumbing up with the design led by midwives.

Our baths are made in accordance with HTM64, BS EN 14515 and the CE mark. All baths have a 5 year guarantee for workmanship.  We supply our baths with the necessary plumbing fittings because we think of the plumber too!

Aquabirths brought in ‘single surface‘ and one-piece birth baths for superior hygiene and strength.  As there is no need for any steel frame, the baths cost less.  This saves you money to use elsewhere or to buy more birthing pools.

We choose fibreglass over acrylic or composites because we feel it offers the best balance of value for money for a hospital at a lower price bracket.  This maximises the return on investment for the hospital.

It is easier to offer customised baths by using fibreglass.  Baths made of acrylic or composite materials tend to need changes to the moulding tool and this can get expensive if you’re only wanting a few baths. Also, within the hospital environment where damage to a bath may be more than just scratching but involve an impact with a bed, fibreglass can be repaired easily and cheaply.  For this reason, we opt for fibreglass.


Company Information

AQB Pools Ltd, company number 6906071.

Registered office, 89 Bradford Rd, Shipley, BD18 3BX

VAT Registration 127 3251 35

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