Design & Build

Aquabirths make ‘bespoke’ and customized affordable.

Midwife-led design

We can design and manufacture a bath to your specifications. If you have ideas for yourAfter ideal birthing pool, or features you’d like to see in a birth bath, or if you just have a peculiar room that needs its own special solution, then we can work with you to create your birthing pool. And it won’t cost much more than an one of our existing models.


We offer:

  • In house AutoCAD design
  • In house expertise in bath making and plumbing
  • Design, manufacture and installation all with Aquabirths
  • Wholly bespoke birthing baths, or customise existing models
  • Choose shape, size, features, colour…

The Birth Environment

If you are wanting to fit out a birthing room or suite of rooms, Aquabirths can provide a wide range of other items – a one-stop birth shop – to help you get the birth room you want within the budget you want at the high quality you need.

Soft furnishings ~ birth couches, birthing mats, bean-bags.

Metalwork ~ poles and ceiling-mounted birthing slings.

Architectural plastics ~ ’tiling’ sheets for wall coverings, boards for IPS panels and work surfaces.

Beautiful baths to birth in

“Our vision is for a birthing pool – not just in every maternity unit – but in every birthing room. And to this end we have set out to design pools that are good quality and good value.”

Production Under Licence.

Licenses to produce any of our models are available to purchase.  These can be for periods of 5 years, 10 years or permanently.  These can be exclusive to a given country or region.  The licence includes a hand-lay mould and reference copy of a bath as well as CAD drawings.

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