Birth Baths

All Aquabirths baths have our Single Surface Construction for superior infection control and strength.

Single Surface Construction also gives far better load-bearing and weight-spreading than other birth baths.

All Aquabirths birth pools are designed by midwives, which is why they are just right for women to birth and move freely.  And if you would like a new  design, we can do that.

We also think of installation. As  we employ  plumbers, we can design our baths from the plumbing  upward. Our baths have quality, compliant  plumbing using standard parts – saving installation time and  headaches and  making maintenance  a doddle.  Our  one-piece construction also makes fitting quicker and simpler and cheaper.

Ful life cycle


Better return on investment.  As Aquabirths baths are such value for money, and offer discounts where two or more baths are purchased, and give a market-leading 10 year guarantee, Aquabirths baths offer Trusts a better return on investment.

Bespoke build for price of other baths.

All baths can be customised, usually at no  extra cost.

Ful linstructions for fitting.

All plumbing parts included,

Designed by midwives. Designed  by plumbers. Designed  by those who  use  and fit them.