Birthing Couches & Birthing Room Equipment

The Softbirth ™   birthing couch kit

This birthing couch kit includes the movable segments to create a bed or couch, kneeling space and a stool.  Attractively designed to be comfortable whilst being firm and able to cope with the rigours of the hospital environment. Fully cleanable and with welded seams.  Approximate dimensions 2m x 0.9m x 0.42m.  

Special offer price £795+delivery and VAT,  discounts are available for multiple buys.  

For more details for this Softbirth birth couch kit, click here.  

Mini birth couch kitSoftBirth also offer a smaller, ‘Mini’ birth couch kit – with the same pull out stool and kneeler – but shorter at 1.2m.  Ideal for smaller birth rooms and can even fit in the back of a small car for community midwifery work (if it weren’t for all the other equipment in your boot!) These are £625+delivery and VAT.  Again, there are discounts for orders of 2+.

This Mini Couch Kit now has the option of an Extension Kit so that it can extend to bed length.  The extension kit is £575 .


SoftBirths Ceiling mounted birth sling for an active birthCeiling Mounting Kit.

The kit comprises the metalwork (in steel and stainless steel) to bolt to a roof joist/girder  (Metalwork only), £390.  This generic kit provides the metalwork necessary to anchor an eye-bolt with a working load of 200kg* 

*The metal work has been tested to 400kg and has a working load of 200kg.  No other certification for this kit is claimed.


Birth Sling Cloths.

A range of woven cotton cloths is available, please contact us for colour samples.  £300.

Birth Mats.birth mat

These birthing mats (1.2m x 1m x 0.05m) can be laid on the floor to enable the birthing mother to move about outside the bath as well.  As optional extra, you can have a ‘bag’ with straps so the mats can be hung on the wall for storage to save space.  These mats are fully heat-sealed and cleanable.  These are £300 a pair (+£10 delivery) or £195 each (+£7 delivery).  Bags are £75 each and, if ordered with the mat, have free delivery.

birth mat for active birth, with storage bag




We carry a stock of our single, 2-step and 3-step units and can also design and manufacture steps units to your specification.  These are immensely strong and ‘wipe-clean’; the free option of a lightly textured finish for extra grip is also available.  The single step is £60, a two-step unit is £190, the 3-step unit is £500.


Other birthing room equipment

Floor-to-ceiling Stainless Steel Poles.  These  3.5m long stainless steel poles with floor and ceiling mounts are £280 each.  They can be cut down to size to provide a grab rail to help getting in or out of the pool.[/tab]


LED light for birth bathLED Bath Lights £160.  The LED light unit is a stainless steel fitting with multiple LEDs, it is supplied with a built in transformer and 1.5m of flex, the wires are left bare so that they can be hard-wired to a switched socket or a standard plug can be fitted by an installing electrician.

Light Conversion Kit.  £30 (£20 with light).  If your bath has an older, larger light, we can supply a conversion disc to reduce the hole and fit our LED light unit.  Let us know your measurements.


tile-effect GRP hospital wall coveringWall Coverings and Surfaces.  Tile-effect fibreglass sheets provide a quick, hygienic and cost-effective way to cover a wall, bathroom or shower room.  These are wipe-clean surfaces (even between the ’tiles’ where the ‘grout’ would normally be!).  We can also add anti-bacterial gel-coat for extra peace of mind.  These come in a range of sheet sizes and colours and we can also make custom sizes, please contact us for prices.


All prices are without delivery and VAT.

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