Our Passion

BRI Birth centre opening smWe do not believe in a ‘take it or leave it’ range of pools because every maternity unit is different. Aquabirths are able to provide a range of high quality baths in a range of innovative designs, shapes and sizes.  These can be ready to install baths or bespoke or customized baths tailored to your needs.  This ability to modify our baths to your particular needs is one of our trademarks.

We put midwives and estate mangers in the driving seat of the design and manufacture of our baths and pools.  We consult with mothers, midwives, estate managers, infection control specialists and other healthcare professionals at every point of the design of their birthing pool. And we consult and listen and learn afterwards too. We always keep an eye on our designs and our service.

We make it easy.  When you buy a birthpool from Aquabirths we care that it works for you and so we are prepared to come and do a site visit and discuss the what, where and how of the pool.  Once the pool is made for you we can arrange delivery on your behalf and we offer an installation and fitting service by our expert installation team.

Plumbing.  It might be an odd thing to say that we are passionate about plumbing but our plumbing professionals are just that. Our baths are designed from the plumbing up and our designs are not manufactured until we know that the plumbing will be robust, simple and compliant.

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