Activists highlight human rights to Cumberlege

The Birth Rights charity has forwarded a letter co-written by an impressive group of birth rights activists to the Maternity Review currently under way. You can read it here.

The letter sets out how human rights are essential for the forging of good parents, illustrating how a human rights focus leads to better standards of care and can prevent litigation.

The letter explains: “The capability to provide respectful care that leads to healthy physical and psychological outcomes as well as supporting strong family relationships and reducing the impact of inequalities, requires structured development of culture and care pathways in models of care that meet each woman and baby’s health, personal and social needs and preferences.

“[…] Continuity of carer is the most appropriate means of enabling personalised care that respects women’s human rights. By developing services that ensure that every woman is cared for by named midwifery and medical staff, it is possible to create a relationships of trust that prevents fragmentation in care and reduces risk for women and babies.”

Emeritus Professor Mavis Kirkham has called it “a really good and very clear letter”. It has been sent to Baroness Cumberlege as a way to begin a dialogue on how a human rights focus can be embedded in the review.