And when things go wrong

All our baths come with a guarantee so that if something does go wrong and it’s our fault, we come and repair or even replace the bath.

We set up this business to make sure midwives and mums had the option of waterbirth at a sensible price and so we always look to make sure we’re as helpful as possible to midwives.  In any business, from time to time, something goes wrong and it is how it is dealt with that tells you about that business.   If something goes wrong with a bath and it’s our fault, we will get it sorted and as quickly as we can.  We want women to have a good birth. That’s it.


A hospital sent us photographs of damage to a bath. They may not have been sure who’d manufactured, so they sent it to us and our UK competitor.  Our response was to say, ‘that photo looks like our fault’ and have booked to get down there and repair.  Our competitor sent it round to hospitals to try and cause bad feeling.  You can compare the contrasting ethics.

The hospital he’d emailed certainly did.  It backfired.  This was their affirming response to us –

“I’m reassured to the fact we’ve opted for the correct product and the ideal manufacturer/service provider and partner.

 I too dislike sabre rattling by competitors.”

Ruth and David and all at Aquabirths are there for midwives. End of.