Update on Taps

Some guidance on taps

We have found, within the NHS and the UK setting, taps are best left up to specialist suppliers.  We know that the following have been used recently within UK hospitals and with our baths.

Twyfords, Armitage, Horne, RADA (https://www.radacontrols.com/en/products/all-products/rada-sense-bath-t3, are increasingly popular)  and so forth are the specialist tap manufacturers whom we know have been used and are being used by bath customers.

The Morecambe Bay Trust have used the following at Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow

The Trust favour two of the following so that there was a double supply of mixed supply hot water.  The reason being that 22mm taps that are HTM compliant are very difficult to source and a 15mm tap would take too long to fill the bath.


Having spoken to the plumbers used at Leeds, they installed Markwik, which are available for IPS and bath mounting. At York, they used the Horne Optitherm and a Markwik tap again (pdf sheets attached).

The Rada Sensor tap is becoming increasingly popular as the users do not even need to touch the controls.  The following is for the electronic TMV itself.


The ‘older’ model is

https://www.radacontrols.com/en/products/all-products/rada-sense-bath-t3/ https://www.radacontrols.com/media/60312/rada-sense-bath_shower-t3-dmv-2018.pdf


Their brochure is



Other hospitals and plumbing engineers have advised that they used a 22mm / ¾” tap without an inbuilt Thermostatic Mixer Valve and put in a 22mm TMV earlier in the plumbing and within the stipulated distance from the tap.  This enabled them to have HTM64 compliance and use 22mm supply to ensure a quicker filling.

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