Working together made an awkward space beautiful

Not every potential water birth room is a perfect fit for the standard birthing pool models. But at Aquabirths, we aren’t deterred by that. In Rotherham, our designer David’s first step was to look at our tried and tested pools and redesign the closest match so that it fitted the space.

After several visits where the midwives laid out their ideal plans, David shared his ideas – but not just on paper – he brought a life size cardboard model so that everyone could see for themselves.

By getting all the midwives, David and the Estates Manager in the room with the model, they were able to make sure the design lived up to the midwives’ dreams whilst meeting the Estate Manager’s safety needs. Getting everyone together got the best decisions made and everyone signed up to the plans.

The final design kept the plug socket more than three metres from the pool, enabling women to listen to their choice of music during birth. Without the bespoke design, that feature wouldn’t have been possible and it’s now one of the favourite features of the women who use it.

The Venus birthing pool at Rotherham

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