Large Birth Baths – The Heartshape



If a large birth pool is wanted, the Heart-shaped birth pool is probably the most spacious birthing pool on the market. Designed by the midwives at Leeds General Infirmary, it accommodates women of any height.  The midwives made a bath layout that allows birthing mothers the fullest range of positions.  The outer sides also taper inwards so that kneeling attendants can be close and comfortable.

Colours and Finishes

This pool has a soft matt finish so that it has a softer look and a low-slip surface with ‘cleanability’. It is possible to have the outer and inner in different colours.

As with all our pools, it is adaptable and flexible.  This is a stand-alone pool to sit in the middle of the room so midwives have fullest possible access .  Yet, it can be adapted to fit against the wall IPS panel for ease of plumbing and installation (and still leave plenty of access for midwives!)

It has all the features of an Aquabirths birthing pool – single cleanable surface for enhanced hygiene control, strengthened sides to spread the load, discrete plumbing and easy to install.  Good news for plumbers, midwives and Infection Control Officers!


Information Sheet (Download)