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Aquabirths – birthing pool manufacturers.

Birthing baths designed by midwives and plumbers.

Birth baths from as little as £2,000.  Made in the UK.


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Elliptical Birth Pools – The Canberra & Venus

Best birth bath ever
Canberra Birthing Pool

With their pleasing curves, these spacious pools provide and calm and restful environment for a labouring woman. All of our elliptical baths have been designed with midwives, ensuring that the pool is comfortable for mothers and midwives to use.  Our birthing pools offer a good depth of water and a pleasant, roomy environment, gently sloping sides and broad flat rim with arm rests so that the birthing mother can keep active and adopt a number of postures.  All our baths have our single surface design for superior hygiene, ease of installation and to spread the load as efficiently as possible.

FREE Mini birth couch with these birth pools.


Aquabirths Venus birth pool
Venus Birthing Pool


  • Everything included, the bath, the step and even the quarter turn plumbing valve (or plug and chain) are included in the kit, and in the price. A free Mini Birth Couch or half-price SoftBirth birthing couch with Canberra, Venus and Heart-shape model is also included.
  • One-piece single surface construction for hygiene makes these easy baths to keep clean and sterilised.  An arm rest / leaning ledge is integrated into the sides and also form a handle.  Not only is this easier to keep clean than normal grab handles, it encourages open-handed gripping and relaxation.
  • Designed from the plumbing up, so that it is easy to install and maintain. Flexibility designed in, hatchways, handles, steps, LED lights, poles: we can be flexible. Our manufacturing process enables us to modify even our off the peg baths so do talk to us about your requirements.
  • Quality of product and service. Made in Britain in accordance with BS EN 14516 and HTM64. We manufacture quality and provide full customer care from first enquiry right through to delivery, installation and beyond.  All pools CE marked.  Baths come with a 10 year guarantee
  • Superior Material and Construction. The ‘single-surface’ construction which gives better hygiene and cleaning, also makes for stronger pool that does not need and expensive metal sub-structure.  Also, we use fibreglass because not only does it give a hard, smooth surface that is ideal for hygiene, it is very strong and much more suitable to the hospital environment.  For example, fibreglass is easier and cheaper to repair should it be accidentally damaged.
  • The gel-coat surface of the bath can withstand the rigorous cleaning regime of hospitals.  For example, Chlorine based sanitizers with 10,000ppm available Chlorine are well within its tolerance.
  • Our baths have a soft matt finish to make them more aesthetically pleasing and ‘softer’ looking whilst still being cleanable.
  • The bath steps have a light texturing for enhanced grip whilst being comfortable to walk on and also be cleanable.
  • Fitting and cleaning instructions are also provided.  These can be emailed in advance.
  • Delivery and Installation Service: We offer a full service from designing a bath just for you, right through to delivery and installation. If you want to just buy a bath, you can but we can also deliver and install or provide an onsite consultation or simply plumbing and installation support. Our service is about providing what you need to make a birthing pool work on your unit.
  • We can provide extras such as sheets of GRP tiling for wall covering.  We can also make GRP-covered boards of varying sizes and thicknesses for IPS panelling and work surfaces.


There are other reasons we can keep prices low.  Our ‘single-surface’ construction, which gives better hygiene and cleaning, also makes a stronger pool that does not need an expensive metal sub-structure.  When compared with other materials, fibreglass offers the better return on investment by giving a hard, smooth, hygienic surface that is more easily repaired.  All this is backed by our 10 year guarantee for the workmanship of the bath itself.  Any fitments are standard plumbing parts and whilst they will have their own manufacturer’s warranty, they are cheap and easy to replace.  We also had plumbers involved in the design as well as midwives!

Eliptical Pools in our range:

Best birth bath everThe Canberra is our best seller because it is so versatile and fits into almost any room.  It is installed end on to the wall; the access hatch for plumbing can go on either side to suit. More information here.  Fitting Instructions.  Information in English / Français /Deutsch / Español




Venus elliptical Birthing Pool

The Venus, our personal favourite, is a beautiful almost circular bath that is fitted side-on to the wall. More information here.  Fitting Instructions.  Information in English / Français / Deutsch / Español

The ‘York bath‘ is a small compact bath, designed for labour or postnatal bathing. A lovely feature is its lumbar support. The beautiful bath can be fitted as a stand alone bath or abutted to a wall. More information here.  Fitting Instructions. 

Download cleaning guidance here Cleaning Guidance

Birthing Couches & Birthing Room Equipment

SoftBirth birthing couch kit

The Softbirth ™   birthing couch kit

This birthing couch kit includes the movable segments to create a bed or couch, kneeling space and a stool.  Attractively designed to be comfortable whilst being firm and able to cope with the rigours of the hospital environment. Fully cleanable and with welded seams.  Approximate dimensions 2m x 0.9m x 0.42m.  

Price £895+delivery and VAT,  large discounts are available for multiple buys.  

For more details for this Softbirth birth couch kit, click here.  

Mini birth couch kitSoftBirth also offer a smaller, ‘Mini’ birth couch kit – with the same pull out stool and kneeler – but shorter at 1.2m.  Ideal for smaller birth rooms and can even fit in the back of a small car for community midwifery work (if it weren’t for all the other equipment in your boot!)  This Mini birth couch kit is now FREE with the Canberra, Venus & Heart-shape birthing baths.


SoftBirths Ceiling mounted birth sling for an active birthCeiling Mounting Kit for Birthing Slings.

The kit comprises the metalwork (in steel and stainless steel) to bolt to a roof joist/girder and woven cotton sling (in choice of colours).  £690.  (Metalwork only costs £390).  This generic kit provides the metalwork necessary to anchor an eye-bolt from which to suspend a sling cloth.  The metalwork is tested up to 400kg.  A range of cloths is available, please contact us for colour samples.  


Birth Mats.birth mat

These birthing mats (1.2m x 1m x 0.05m) can be laid on the floor to enable the birthing mother to move about outside the bath as well.  As optional extra, you can have a ‘bag’ with straps so the mats can be hung on the wall for storage to save space.  These mats are fully heat-sealed and cleanable.  These are £200 each or £150 for orders of 4 or more. Bags are £80 each or £70 for 4 or more.

birth mat for active birth, with storage bag




We carry a stock of our single, 2-step and 3-step units and can also design and manufacture steps units to your specification.  These are immensely strong and ‘wipe-clean’; the free option of a lightly textured finish for extra grip is also available.  The single step is £60, a two-step unit is £190, the 3-step unit is £500.


Other birthing room equipment

Floor-to-ceiling Stainless Steel Poles.  These  4m long stainless steel poles with floor and ceiling mounts are £280 each.  They can be cut down to size to provide a grab rail to help getting in or out of the pool.[/tab]


LED light for birth bathLED Bath Lights £160.  The LED light unit is a stainless steel fitting with multiple LEDs, it is supplied with a built in transformer and 1.5m of flex, the wires are left bare so that they can be hard-wired to a switched socket or a standard plug can be fitted by an installing electrician.

Light Conversion Kit.  £30 (£20 with light).  If your bath has an older, larger light, we can supply a conversion disc to reduce the hole and fit our LED light unit.  Let us know your measurements.

water birthing room step

Steps.  We carry a stock of our single, 2-step and 3-step units and can also design and manufacture steps units to your specification.  These are immensely strong and ‘wipe-clean’; the free option of a lightly textured finish for extra grip is also available.  The single step is £60, a two-step unit is £190, the 3-step unit is £500.

tile-effect GRP hospital wall coveringWall Coverings and Surfaces.  Tile-effect fibreglass sheets provide a quick, hygienic and cost-effective way to cover a wall, bathroom or shower room.  These are wipe-clean surfaces (even between the ’tiles’ where the ‘grout’ would normally be!).  We can also add anti-bacterial gel-coat for extra peace of mind.  These come in a range of sheet sizes and colours and we can also make custom sizes, please contact us for prices.


All prices are without delivery and VAT.