Christmas Wishes for Maternity

If you had three wishes, three things that you could wave your Christmas Wand at and make happen within the maternity services, what would they be?

This article by Katharine Handel for AIMS shared her top three wishes: Honesty, Respect and Dignity. It’s fascinating to think that these basic foundations of care are missing from so many people’s births. We also know that they are missing from the work lives of many midwives, midwives who go to work and are not treated with honesty, respect and dignity by some of their colleagues.

How we work is often a habit, based on what we see and how people work around us. Sometimes, we may see ways of working that don’t feel right, or we may inadvertently work in ways that don’t match how we see ourselves. Some ways of working that might originally have been shocking can become normalised. Sometimes, it may not feel ok, but fighting it feels too hard, or too risky.

There is support out there. Looking forward to a new year, maybe we can all think about three wishes that we would have for the maternity services, and then consider how we can find the support to be the change we want to see.

Useful support networks:
The Association of Radical Midwives
Secret Community for Midwives in the Making (Facebook)
Say No to Bullying in Midwifery (Facebook)
Da A Luz Oasis